Monday, 26 January 2015

The ordinary moments - peekaboo and laughter

This weekend I have never been so thankful for the 'ordinary moments' with my family.  The little things which happen every day and are so special, but are sometimes overshadowed by the bigger, more exciting events like holidays, birthdays and milestones.

Something as simple as watching Lucas and Charlotte, my two babies, laughing and playing with each other yesterday was the best thing in the world after our weekend got off to a terrifying start.

Friday evening was one of the worst experiences of my life.  My little Lucas was rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis.  Before I go any further though, you should know that thankfully he is absolutely fine and is currently still tucked up in bed fast asleep while I write this.

But for those few terrifying hours on Friday I would have done anything, given anything, just for my little Lucas Bear to be alright.

Lucas bounded into the house at Friday teatime filled with excitement from his latest football practice and the added bonus that his Daddy had been to watch him.  Within 10 minutes he was complaining of a sore neck which quickly turned into him being very sick and becoming almost unresponsive, sat slumped on Mark's knee on the bathroom floor. 

Was this just a bug?  Kids go downhill so quickly when they're not well, but this felt different and was scary, so I phoned NHS 24.  After quickly running through Lucas' symptoms, the lady on the other end of the phone said the words no parent wants to hear.  "We need to get Lucas to hospital as he's showing signs of meningitis.  We're sending an ambulance urgently."  I was the parent and had to stay strong and keep it together didn't I?, but I couldn't, I burst into tears and was filled with fear for my little boy.

The ambulance was with us so quickly and by this point Lucas had come to a little and was able to speak to the paramedics.  This was my first ever interaction with paramedics and I was completely blown away by them.  Of course they were professional and immediately started doing checks on Lucas but it was the other things.  They somehow managed to keep Mark and I calm and chatted away to Lucas as if they'd been friends for years.  These guys are worth their absolute weight in gold and I will never forget how brilliant they were with my most precious little boy that night.

Lucas was then whisked off in the ambulance with his Dad, leaving Charlotte and I behind.  This was the first time Lucas had been ill since we'd had Charlotte.  The logistics of having two children when one is unwell wasn't something I'd ever considered. Before Charlotte I would have been straight in that ambulance with Lucas , dropping everything, but this time I couldn't.  We had Charlotte and she needed me too.  So as a parent unit Mark and I split up, Mark going with Lucas and me staying with Charlotte to get her fed and to bed.  This was so unbelievably difficult, watching Lucas leave and just praying he would be ok, but something I guess comes with being a parent.

Once at hospital and checked over, the doctors thankfullly dismissed the possibility of it being meningitis but decided to keep him in overnight for observation.

We still don't know what Friday night was down to but as I picked up my brave little boy on Saturday morning and was met with his smiling face and a cuddle, he told me he was feeling much better and that was all that mattered.

I really wasn't sure whether or not to share our experience on here but decided to as an important reminder to myself that the little things I stress about on a daily basis really don't matter.   Who cares if the house is a mess and the washing pile is overflowing?  No one apart from me, I suspect.  So lets all give ourselves a break and take the time to enjoy the ordinary moments.

Needless to say we've had a quiet rest of the weekend just taking stock of how lucky we are to have him back safe and sound and enjoying the ordinary moments of a Sunday afternoon (playing, snacks and Cbeebies) which events like Friday evening make you feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to enjoy.



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  1. Oh my goodness how terribly frightening for you all, you must have been beside yourselves with worry. I am not good in a crisis, I know I should be holding myself together but I just can't. I am so glad that it wasn't anything sinister and Lucas is ok. Meningitis frightens me, and every other parent I am sure, beyond belief. You did the right thing to get a second opinion and it sounds like the emergency services were amazing. On another note, a gorgeous photo of your pair too. xx

    1. Thanks Katie. Glad to see the back of this weekend and so glad Lucas is on the mend x

  2. Halle had this too but turned out to be just 'viral', and Yve's had a sickness episode where she was unresponsive. very frightening but also fortunate that thats the only times they've been poorly.. touch wood. glad your chap is well xx

  3. Thanks! Its so scary, isn't it. Just makes you so grateful once they're back to being themselves xx