Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy 2015

A very belated Happy New Year and welcome to my first post of 2015!

I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, but a big part of me was glad on Saturday when we packed away all the Christmas decorations for another year and got our house back to normal, ready for getting back into our normal routines.

The Christmas and New Year period was the first time we'd had a decent amount of time together as a family since Charlotte was born so we decided to really make the most of it.

So what did we get up to...

Christmas got off to a great start with the arrival of my sister who lives in LA.  Lucas loves spending time with her and was especially excited that she was spending Christmas with us.  He was even more excited on Christmas Eve when she unveiled the most amazing Christmas Eve box full of American treats for him and Charlotte.  Pajamas, hot chocolate and marshmallows, a DVD, sweets, stickers and colouring in, to name just a few things.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were lovely.  Surprisingly laid back which was great and allowed us to really take it all in and enjoy the special moments.  Lucas was, as you'd expect - high as a kite and his excitement didn't dip throughout the day -  I wouldn't have had it any other way.  His little face as he unwrapped each present was amazing and the best feeling in the world.  And Charlotte's first Christmas just passed her by in her usual content and smiley way.  Watching her, watching Lucas and every so often let out a little high pitched squeal  of excitement at something he was doing was so special and made me look forward to our family growing up together even more.

On the 28th we upped sticks and headed south with some friends and their children (and the dogs) for a week away in Stirlingshire.  We'd never been away for New Year but decided early in 2014 to book a big house in the country for some chill time with friends who also have young children.  Lets face it, trying to get a babysitter on New Years Eve is near impossible so we decided to bring the party to us.  The house and its surroundings were perfect.  Plenty of space for the children and dogs to race about burning off the last of the Christmas energy.  Our days were made up of  going for walks, chatting, eating plenty of delicious food and in the evening once all the babies and children were in bed, settling down with a few glasses of wine and our board game of choice for that night - perfect.

On the car journey home I asked Lucas what his favourite bit of the holiday had been.  His answer - "splashing in the puddles with mummy and helping Megan (one of my friends) bath Rory (her little boy)."  Proof that the simplest of things make them happy - which I need to remind myself of the next time I have a case of the 'mummy guilt' for not doing something different with him every week.

And so in the blink of an eye we're in 2015...

I don't usually make New Years resolutions - I think because any time I have, I've broken them, so this year I'm disguising them as my '2015 goals' instead, in the hope I stick to them (it makes sense in my head).

My 2015 goals:

1. More me time - as a mum its easy to lose yourself in mummy duties and with a new baby I think this happens even more.  I think its important though to have something just for you  and this year I'm really looking forward to spending time on my blog, as well as learning more about photography.

2. Lose the baby weight - I don't know about other mums out there but I've found after both my pregnancies that the first bit of baby weight falls off quite quickly but its that last bit that's hardest to shift.  The 'mummy jiggle' as I call it.  Well this year I'm determined to wave goodbye to the jiggle - or at least some of it.

3. Family holiday  - what with saving for our new house, moving, being pregnant and having Charlotte we haven't been on holiday for a couple of years.  This summer will be our last chance to take advantage of not having to go during the school holidays as Lucas starts school in August, so we'd be stupid not to make the most of the cheaper deals, right?!

4, Dates with the husband - I mentioned in my last post how much I still, even after all this time enjoy us spending time just the two of us away from the children, but it always seems to be at the bottom of the list of priorities.  This year we're determined to kick this habit and get some dates organised.  One a month is the goal, so lets see how we get on.

I've got a good feeling about 2015... I wonder what it holds?

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