Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A proud mummy week

I couldn't have been prouder of my little Lucas Bear this last week.  Of course I'm always a proud mummy but this week a  few things in particular reminded me how lucky I am to have such a sweet natured and kind little boy, who's only 4.

At the start of the week his nursery teacher pulled me aside for a "quick word" (first thought - what has my little monkey been up to??).  How wrong I was.  The teacher actually wanted to tell me that Lucas had been chosen to be a buddy for some of the new, younger children who had just started and had done a fantastic job which they were really impressed with.  He proudly showed me the special sticker he'd been given for showing the boys and girls where to hand up their coats and bags, where to put their snack cards and how to wash their hands properly.  Its little over 6 months since Lucas started at the nursery and in that short time he's become such a confident, independent little boy.

Later in the week a mum stopped me at nursery to tell me that the night before when she asked her daughter what the best bit of her day had been, she replied, "when Lucas was really kind and helped me at Gym Tots".  I could feel myself welling up right there in the school corridor as she told me, but I pulled it together and just smiled.  As I walked away I had a definite spring in my step and felt so proud of my little boy.  Since then I've really been thinking about what makes Lucas, Lucas....

He's such a character with a great cheeky sense of humor which he is showing more and more.

A few nights ago I'd put him to bed and then went to take my make-up off.  As I stood in the bathroom washing my face, he all of a sudden appeared in the mirror, standing behind me. I jumped out of my skin and he burst into a fit of the giggles "hehe, I scared you mummy!"

And yesterday he burst into the room holding a toy frog shouting,  "what did the frog say when he landed on a pile of books?...readit, readit" and as quickly as he'd appeared he was gone again.

But as lively as he is he's also got a really sensitive side and is always concerned that everything and everyone is ok.  He insists on holding the door open at nursery for everyone, even when I'm shouting at him to hurry up because we're going to be late for football.  He's always the first to ask for a kiss and a "family cuddle" and he has spent so much time this weekend showing Charlotte how to crawl, shouting "Come on Charlotte, I know you can do it".

Some other things that make Lucas, Lucas are he likes his routine to the absolute button, hates a messy playroom and insists on wearing an apron to eat any tea he thinks might get him messy (I'm sure a lot of these things are down to my slight OCD rubbing off on him, which I really hate).

He's no angel though and most days he tests my patience to the limit.  At the minute he just doesn't listen (I'm hoping its a phase which will be short-lived but I think I'm kidding myself) but instead talks at a million miles an hour and asks countless questions from the moment he gets up, until his head hits the pillow at night (if there's ever a silence you can count on Lucas to fill it).  Its frustrating and tiring at times but when I hear these comments from other people about what a lovely, kind boy he is it makes me realise I do take for granted just how good he really is, most of the time.

Feeling guilty incase he doesn't know how proud I am of him, I cuddled up to him on the couch to tell him and make sure he knows what a good boy he's been recently.  His reply... a casual "I know".  I couldn't help laughing...a typical Lucas remark.  So maybe I shouldn't beat myself up too much.



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