Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Twinkle twinkle little star do you know how loved you are - nursery tour

I'm as addicted to Pinterest as the next person and one of my favourite things to search for is interior design ideas for my home.  When I was pregnant with Charlotte I started a board dedicated to ideas for her nursery and if I'm honest I still find myself adding to it now.

Although she's been in her own room for a couple of months now I still don't feel like I'm completely finished decorating it.  The main things are in place, like the paint, the furniture, etc but its the fun little nik naks that bring a room to life that I'm still on the look out for.   I like the thought though that its a work in progress, the same as the rest of our house, which I'll just keep adding to. But for now, here's what it looks like and I kind of love it...

When I was pregnant with Lucas we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl and so his nursery was kept very neutral.  Second time around though we decided to find out at 20 weeks and once we knew we were having a girl I couldn't wait to start planing her room.  I quickly decided that I didn't want the room to have a theme but instead just picked individual items that I really liked. 

We went with a pale pink colour and white on opposite walls.  The pink is a shade from Farrow and Ball which I absolutely love called Middleton pink.

All the nursery furniture is pre-loved from Lucas using it, but its so sturdy and is still in amazing condition.   

I love these 3D white butterflies.  They flutter above her cot and are so enchanting while being quite understated against the pale pink wall.

Lucas had the traditional cot bumpers that wrap round the bottom of the cot but I never really understood the point of them and felt that ones that covered the length of the sides of the cot would have been better.  When we had Charlotte I found these ones in John Lewis called Air Wraps that did just that.  They are slightly padded and are a light mesh material which is completely breathable incase she should roll onto them and get herself stuck (ever the worrier).  

We hung these tissue paper pom poms above her changing unit to give her something to look at (distract her) while we're changing her.  They completely mesmerise her.

Charlotte was given this cute wooden hanging hearts as a present when she was born.  I love the little saying and it makes me smile when I go to open her wardrobe every morning.

 We chose some floating shelves for one of the walls as somewhere to put little nic naks.  These are some of my favourite things of Charlotte's.  A personalised photo album, a Silver Cross ragdoll and a Hippo soft toy from Jacardi which has lots of little tiny animal soft toys and rattles inside it which you can pull out (if anyone remembers pound puppies its like that but so much cuter).

This 'Love Tree' picture which currently sits on the window sill is one of the first things I bought when we found out we were having a girl.  Its by a company called Snappy Crocodile.

And that's how it looks for now.  I've so many ideas for what I could still do to the room and what my next buy could be.  Top of my wishlist at the minute is:

Cuddle O'Clock print from Buddy and Bear

LED bunny night light from This Modern Life

Eames style rocking chair from Ebay




  1. What an absolutely beautiful nursery- it looks so calming. I love the little touches. x