Sunday, 15 February 2015

The world of imagination

Isn't it funny how something that comes completely out of nowhere and just by chance can end up being the best 10 minutes of your week.

Bath time in our house is usually pretty chaotic.  Lucas and Charlotte go from being all smiles and  laughter, to tears of tiredness in the space of seconds.  The witching hour is most definitely a regular occurrence in our home, followed by two huge sighs of relief from hubby and I once they're both tucked up in bed .  But one night this week this changed and I had the most lovely (and relaxed) little while with Lucas.  We'd decided to skip his bath and so while Mark bathed Charlotte, Lucas and I snuggled on my bed and got lost in a land of make believe for 10 minutes.

Lucas asked me to make up a bedtime story for him.  This is very unlike Lucas, who is a little boy that loves order and routine, and for things to make perfect sense, so its usually a book which he's familiar with that he likes.  His request therefore took me by surprise, but I grabbed the opportunity with two hands and dived right in with my best attempt at a Lucas super hero story, plucked from my imagination.  On finishing my tale Lucas decided I had to pretend to go to sleep while he told me a story.  I lay there with my eyes closed listening to every word as it tumbled out of his mouth without him having to think or take a breath, all while he was giving me the biggest cuddle.

His story went something like this...Once upon a time there was a mummy called mummy.  Mummy and Lucas drove to the big shop (Lucas language for Tesco) but there was a monster who stopped us getting in.  The monster chased after us, faster and faster until he fell over and hurt his elbow.  He had to go to hospital and then once he was all better he drove home smoothly.  The end.

I love getting these small glimpses into his world.  Its fascinating.  He told the story with so much love and expression.  Lucas is usually pretty frantic and its difficult to hold his concentration, but for these few minutes he was completely focused.  At the end he gave me one last big squeezy cuddle and then hopped out of the bed and off he went shouting "I need to tell Daddy something", leaving me lying there wondering what else goes on in his imagination.

These snatched moments that are over in a flash and are so simple leave me realising just how lucky I am to have such a special, quirky little boy who adds such colour to our lives and who looks at life in such a different way.  This, to me, really is one of the ordinary moments which makes life not so ordinary.

Here are some of my favourite photos of Lucas...

On his first holiday with his 'Very hungry caterpillar' which never left his side

Enjoying his bath - can't believe how much Charlotte looks like him in this pic only with brown eyes

Like father like son, on our camping trip

 Exploring our second home, Liverpool

Enjoying his favourite DVDs on a long car journey

Hope you've had a lovely weekend with you and yours, with plenty of your own  'Ordinary Moments'.



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  1. Aww such a beautiful story, I love their imaginations too. And it made me laugh cause Mads calls Tescos the Big Shop too! Gorgeous photos too, he was a beautiful baby and he looks so cheeky in that last photo. xx

    1. Aw thank you! Haha, that's so funny - 4 year olds' definitely have their own little language some of the time.xx

  2. This is so lovely!! You're so right about these short little moments being the best!! Totally ordinary yet completely ordinary!!
    I love his story, so sweet!! I wonder what he had to go and tell daddy!? X

    1. Aw thank you lovely!I know, he's always in such a hurry to tell someone something :) xx

  3. That sounds lovely! Not sure I would have leapt to the challenge so well ha ha xx