Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Flowers when you least expect it

I love having flowers around the house.  Whether I wake up to a sunny spring morning or a gloomy grey sky, seeing a bright bunch of flowers instantly lifts my mood and makes me smile.

As nice as it is to treat yourself to a little bunch while you're doing your weekly shop, there's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a bouquet when you least expect it, which is what happened to me last week.  It was a wet and miserable Wednesday when a package arrived for me from the lovely people at Bloom & Wild

The flowers came in a very striking, slim brown box which is designed to fit through a standard letterbox.  What a clever idea, when we all lead such busy lives these days and are rarely at home to accept a delivery.  The box just added to the excitement for me too.

The bouquet I'd been sent was especially exciting because it was called 'The Charlotte' which is my baby girl's name.  A note was tucked inside, which read "I hope that you and your Charlotte enjoy our Charlotte!" - so lovely.

On opening the box I have to admit I squealed with delight a little!  They looked so pretty and as I started to take the flowers out of the box I realised just how much care had gone into packaging them up.  The most delicate flowers, the Lisianthus, came wrapped in netting to make sure they were all in perfect condition.

These flowers were actually the star of my wedding bouquet, which was a complete coincidence, but made them even more perfect for me and brought back lots of happy memories.

The box was full to the brim of these purple beauties, as well as some crisp white flowers and spring fresh greenery.

Bloom & Wild also give your inner florist a helping hand by including in the box, a little card which gives you the name and a description of each of the flowers and a step by step guide on how they suggest you arrange them.  I have to confess that normally I make a bit of a pigs ear of arranging flowers in a vase and end up just dumping them in and hoping for the best.  So this little guide was perfect for someone like me and made it so much fun.  When I'd finished I stood back and admired my arrangement feeling quite proud of myself.  It certainly wasn't my usual effort.

I have also be really pleasantly surprised at how well they have lasted.  I've had them for a week now and they are still sitting pride of place in my living room and the smell when I walk into the room is amazing.

Bloom & Wild wasn't a name I was familiar with until a week ago but I've been really impressed. They'll be the first people I think of the next time I want to send someone flowers for a special occasion or even just as a little surprise or thank you.  Its just so different which makes it feel that bit more special and the quality of the flowers is amazing. They also do a monthly subscription service which is something I might treat myself to.  How exciting to get a different bouquet through your door each month.

Bloom & Wild are offering my lovely readers 15% off all orders when you use the code ACCOL15

Happy Springtime!



NB: Thank you to Bloom & Wild for sending me this gorgeous bouquet.  All words and opinions are completely my own.



  1. Oh these are so beautiful! What a nice choice. And a great idea too. x

  2. They're so gorgeous aren't they. I think wild flowers are so pretty xx

  3. What a way to brighten up your day! So pretty