Monday, 24 November 2014

Welcome to a Cosy Cup of Life and my first ever blog post

I'm Eilidh, I'm 30, married to Mark and mummy to my two children, Lucas who is 4 and the newest edition to our family, Charlotte, who is 5 months.

I am currently on maternity leave and now that the initial few months of chaos which come with having a newborn are over and we are starting to have something resembling a routine, with the added bonus of Charlotte having an earlier bedtime to me now, I have a little me time and a chance to start my blog.

As a second time mummy I know just how quickly time with your little ones passes (cliche I know, but true) and how easily moments pass you by as you hurry to the next baby or toddler stage which is quickly followed by the angst of this stage.  Once you mix in the usual daily chores, meet-ups and activities (of your other child if you have one) its easy to see how everything starts blurring together and we forget to stop and enjoy the now and remember the little things. With this in mind I am hoping that this blog becomes a sort of diary of me and my little family, to capture these moments and early years of our family.

But, I also like nothing better than a cup of something cosy (tea or coffee, preferably with an extra shot of caffeine at the minute) and a chat with friends to discuss the ins and outs of life, baby problems and the latest 'must have, will make your life so much easier' product.  Its also much more comforting than typing your latest parenting question or baby query into the dreaded Google search engine.  This blog I hope is a chance to share all of these things with new friends, you guys.

So anyway...what's been happening in our family life this past week?

Wells its been nursery as usual for my eldest, Lucas and a particularly busy week. School photos (xmas pressies - check), visits by the dentist and a whole host of letters home about everything from fancy dress fundraising days, the school's Christmas fayre and fees due for the term.  Out came the diary and the 'to do' list and everything onto it before baby brain took over and I dropped a few balls (I wonder how long I can get away with the baby brain excuse for??).

With school nursery back in full swing after the October holidays it also meant Charlotte, my 5 month old and I could go to our very first baby class together.  By this stage when Lucas was a baby we were already going to baby swimming, massage and yoga but second time round trying to co-ordinate baby classes with my toddler's already busy schedule has been a bit of a challenge.  But we found a baby sensory class at out local playbarn which fitted with nursery times and off we went... it was fantastic but more about that in another post.

We also took advantage of a gorgeous, sunny autumnal day and got wrapped up and headed to a local country house estate for a walk.  Lucas, my 4 year old loves nothing better at the minute than getting his wellies on and being outside so any opportunity to do this we take.

We are so lucky to have some beautiful surroundings here in the North East of Scotland and a trip to an old castle or boat lake for a 4 year old really is an adventure and a chance for his imagine to run wild and also to burn of some of his never ending energy racing through the leaves and chasing the ducks.

I also managed to finally make a dent in my Christmas shopping.  My goal every year since having children is to try and have everything done by the start of December.  I haven't managed this in previous years but I'm hoping this year is different.  Does anyone else at the minute have a million tabs open on their ipad with various baskets waiting to be paid for?

All in all a busy week!

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  1. Hi, what a lovely first blog, just thought I would say hi and welcome tko blog world! X

    1. Thank you! Please check back soon for my next post x

  2. Sorry don't know if my 1st comment made it out of cyber space, anyway lovely first blog and thanks for follow on instagram!

    1. Sorry, didn't receive your first comment. Thanks for the lovely comment. x